Growing more than Greens: Educating the community at local farm

By smiller | September 01, 2022

In January, Gyo Greens became a nonprofit organization with the hopes of raising funds through donations and events to expand its educational outreach programs. The farm, which uses no pesticides or chemicals, sits on one acre, and includes a 3,000 square foot greenhouse. In addition to education, Gyo Greens Farm also delivers produce to about 30 local restaurants, using a rafting system to ensure that chefs get the freshest ingredients. Produce arrives “live” and is grown at each chef’s request. All profits go right back into the farm, said Tan Fellows. “We are a very niche farm. Most of what we have is all pre-sold,” said Gyo Greens farm manager Reed Hepperly. “Chefs are looking for high quality produce and things they are not likely to find anywhere else. We try to accommodate what they want.”

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