Gyogreens is your North Florida Aquaponics farm

GyoGreens uses a sustainable farming method which combines traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals - in our case, fish - in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. All produce is grown naturally and without the use of pesticides. We rely on beneficial insects and companion planting to avoid using pesticides. We do not use GMO seeds.

Meet our family
Helga Tan Fellows
Helga's formal training is in Industrial Engineering with a master in business administration and a minor in information technology. She spent 20+ years of her career in the manufacturing of both ophthalmic pharmaceutical and surgical medical devices products. Then, moved on to the implementation of manufacturing business software.
Helga's passions have been travel, education and gardening. She is also an advocate for sustainable energy and practices. She spent seven years outside the U.S. in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London experiencing the rich cultural diversity of Asia and Europe. In London she was a volunteer at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew which further piqued her interest in gardening. Since returning to the U.S. Helga has been searching for means to enjoy gardening and promoting environmental sustainable practices while at the same time providing a vehicle for education. She found that in aquaponics and the building of GYO GREENS is the result.
David Fellows
David came to GYO GREENS with no relevant experience, very little know-how farming but lots of enthusiasm. In his brief time at GYO GREENS he worked as Fish Feeder and then Chief Planting Officer. Most recently, has his eye on progressing to Chief Harvester at some point.
Oh yes, David is the principal investor in GYO GREENS. In his previous jobs, he has spent over 35+ years in various roles for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Executive Management. Dave's jobs location in addition to the US, includes Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe.
Matt Randall
Matt brings his horticulture experience and passion about farming to our team. He is a UNF graduate in Business Administration with focus in Economics and is currently completing his Master Gardener certification. Matt has also worked in the restaurant business in various roles.
Matt joins our team to lead the overall farm operations. He is a key member guiding the GYO GREENS team to identify and grow the farm specialty crops while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. The experience and leadership he brings to the team strengthens our current education program on sustainable farming. Matt interests in addition to farming includes surfing, swimming, cycling, hiking and team athletics. Do not hesitate to stop by the farm and meet Matt!
Suzanne Whelan
Suzanne has a degree in Dietetics and Exercise Physiology.  She is very passionate about food quality and clean eating so it is not a surprise that she found herself at home at GYO GREENS. Suzanne loves working with our customers, the farm staff, and community members especially schools and educators.
Suzanne and Helga met a while ago while their kids attended school together. On a casual meeting when Helga mentioned the concept to build a farm, she was already discussing ideas for customers and schools.  She was very excited about the project and offered to help in several occasions even before the farm was built. The rest is history and she soon joined our team. Suzanne coordinates all our logistics and sales and many more activities at the farm. She always has a smile and is very enthusiastic helping our chefs taste and select produce, volunteers, students, community members, and all farm visitors.
Felix Tan
Felix' formal training is in Mechanical Engineering with strong product design, integration, fabrication, and testing background. His main career is from the defense industry making and testing ammunition and utility vehicles.
His hobby and passions are in motorcycles and beach volleyball. Felix was pressed into duty by his sister to assist in the design and construction of the aquaponics structure and system. He continues to provide the technical support to ensure GyoGreens operates with the highest quality standards and efficiency in organic farming.
Tab Baer
Canal Boulevard neighbor and friend who has built our fabulous system and continues to make sure our place and grounds are in the best conditions. Timing could not be better as when Tab visited our farm the first time. Tab has just retired after many years working for the local utility company. In a casual neighbor's introduction meeting, Helga and Tab met and that led to discovering all the talents that Tab brings to the team.
He has supported in either building many parts of our system and greenhouse to recommending near by contractors that are also members of our community. Tab's principles of reusing and recycling have been put to practice in the work his done at our place. He has successfully built our storage, planters, winter covers, parking, harvesting tables, and washing areas from construction material placed in waste containers. This way, finding good use to all this material that otherwise would have ended in our landfills. Tab is also a wonderful farmer who likes to share his experience and compare "notes" of traditional vs Aquaponics farming.
Yseut Berlingeri
Yseut (Jessie) Berlingeri is a classically trained chef, from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and holds and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Food & Beverage Management from the New England Culinary Institute (NECI); additionally, she holds the highest attainable credentials in food-sanitation and safety (ServSafe, HACCP). With over 20 years of experience in AAA and 5 Diamond establishments, Jessie has extensively worked with farmers, purveyors, and producers, and routinely involved herself in community projects supporting sustainable farming and food-access and food-security.
In preparation for the next phase of her career, Jessie has spent time in the retail grocery industry to better understand marketing and retail, and most recently completed an Internship at GYO GREENS where she fully managed all aspects of our daily operations. Jessie will start her own farm and project in 2017. Jessie continues to support our team with Strategic decisions on crop selection, operations and quality assurance, and business and community education opportunities.
Carolyn Houston
Carolyn's formal training is in Biology with a master in Education. Currently, she is a Science educator in one of our local schools. Carolyn is instrumental in our goals to reach to our students and community to share with them our place. This way, the students can enhance and complement their current work at school with projects at GYO GREENS.
Carolyn is as enthusiastic or more about Aquaponics than the entire team. She has been instrumental in assisting us in the development of a program to host school field trips and students interested in learning more about sustainable farming practices and Aquaponics.

Maria - Operations Team Member

Andrea - Operations Team Member

Heather - Operations Team Member


Ian - University of Florida

From what we get, we can make a living. What we give; however, makes a life.

- Arthur Ashe